Your best first day.




A client branded, personalized, achievement driven, interactive, mobile-first on-boarding process engages new hires and empowers them with the confidence necessary to succeed from their very first day.



Organisational knowledge acquired through Day Zero allows new employees to quickly and efficiently progress in to the value-adding phase of their engagement, maximising both employee morale and employer ROI.



Instilling staff with a sense of belonging is widely acknowledged as a key driver of performance and employee satisfaction. Day Zero allows new starters to move from Forming to Performing, greatly increasing their ability of fitting in to high performing teams - quickly.


Are You Ready?


Day Zero was formed through the collective experience of recruitment and technology leaders who recognize first-hand the commercial advantage of engaging great talent from the very beginning in the growth of successful business.


We believe today's connected world presents tremendous opportunity in shaping the human endeavor of collaborative success. Day Zero is singularly focused on providing the most engaging and effective on-boarding experience for new starters, whilst delivering measurable value for its clients.


Born in the Cloud, Day Zero provides a unique, mobile-only user experience and is secured with industry leading 256 bit encryption. Onboardees can use either Android or iOS devices and clients may use standard web browsers for secured administration.


"Employee onboarding is more than just welcoming new starters with a handshake and a team lunch. It’s fundamentally about reducing friction in setting up employees for success and enabling them to hit the ground running."

—  Leigh Malcolmson

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