A Smarter Onboarding Experience

Finding great talent takes extraordinary energy. Maximize that effort by engaging your new hires even before they start their first day

Day Zero provides an onboarding app experience that is tailored to your organization and designed to be interactive, engaging and highly effective

Gamified Progress

Research shows gamification helps onboardees acquire knowledge and skills more effectively, as well as allowing them to retain that knowledge longer

Proprietary, human-centered browser administration allows easy-to-use onboardee engagement,
content management and detailed reporting

Powerful Control

Dynamic Content

Engaging, varied content results in a highly effective learning experience. Day Zero can support your company images, documents, forms and even videos

Real-time Interaction

Validate the learning through timely quizzes and be able to receive immediate feedback throughout the onboarding experience

A Curated Journey

A structured journey allows you to facilitate your onboardees knowledge through intuitive micro-learning modules

API connections with leading Human Capital Management systems enables powerful automation and time savings workflows

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Integrated Workflow

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It's Worth Getting Right

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